Marvel Future Fight Reviews 2017

What’s going on guys this is yeah cabinet today’s video is in Marvel future fight hack tool for the Android and iPhone I’m using the Android right now using a program called sigh sink, so I do apologize for the quality. But I just want to say I love this game I’ve been playing this game for three months now every single day this game has a huge roster of characters like Iron Man Captain America Spider-Man Winter Soldier iron fist Luke Cage Ant-man and so much more.

The point of this game is to get biometrics to unlock characters or upgrade the characters it goes from one star all the way up to six stars. You can get biometrics a few different ways you can play the lead missions to get different individual characters biometrics, or you can even play the special missions the special missions are freaking awesome. You can play different scenarios like the guardians of the galaxy, or the ant-man universe characters I love playing the ant-man universe you can be shrunk down to the size of bugs, or you can be a giant destroying a whole city is freaking awesome.

Then you can get biometrics from playing the villain stages you fight a boss the boss is pretty hard, but there are obstacles in the level which could be raw BOTS exploding or laser beams. Just destroying you it is fun later on it does get super hard and it does suck once you have that character. There are a few ways to make them stronger you can level them up by doing missions, or you can use XP chips I got Ronan and used all my chips and got him to level 32 without doing much.

You can also get your character stronger by equipping ting crystals you can combine crystal together to make them stronger it does take a lot of crystals and a lot of money to do that, and another way to make your character stronger is upgrading.

Their quit upgrading their equipment does take material which you will have to grind the common mission to get a lot of that material. The game does have this ticket which allows you to complete the task without actually doing it you get the stuff and the money you just don’t get the XP. But this does use your energy so you have to use it wisely and you do run at tickets the great thing about this game it does give you a free refill every day, and an open box o gives you about two or three biometrics.

Another reason why this game is excellent is the combat if you like marvel alliance you’re gonna love this game essential around beating up people and then you face the boss what’s cool about this game once you beat a level you get these stars. If you get two stars you can have your guy automatically run and fight people but he doesn’t use his skills, but once you do get three stars he’s able to run around.

Use the skills the only thing it won’t do is change out characters so you have to make sure you’re about to die you want to switch characters as soon as possible when your energy is all gone you can spend more fighting in an arena which I love. I love playing again 13 I like to see if my characters are stronger than other characters which they are most of the time and I just love it also you get these coins once you beat people marina and you can use these points to buy more biometrics. The only problem I have with this match is sometimes it can get very laggy at the beginning, but it does smooth itself out after a while sometimes.

The touch screen controllers get unresponsive so that I could be just getting blasted with lasers, and sometimes I can’t move, and that has cost me some missions but all in all, I do love this game especially they made some fresh updates where you can fight bosses with two other people online. Which is pretty fun this is the first time I’ve got to work but had a blast, so I grant this game a 9 out of 10 I recommend it for everyone you